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Gourming blows out the candles at its first birthday party in Canada

  • 19 April 2019
  • 10min

Gourming blows out the candles at its first birthday party in Canada

On the 8th April, the online platform Gourming got together with around 100 of Quebec’s gastronomy professionals to celebrate its launch year in Quebec and the upcoming release of its app.

The venue was theITHQ, the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec. Around 100 Quebec chefs and food professionals as well as distributors turned out to celebrate Gourming, an offshoot of the Le Duff group (Bridor, Mimi’s Café, etc) and its first year of trading in La Belle Province. At the event, guests could taste, touch and smell a wide range of French produce available via the online sales platform. Amongst other things, they got to try fresh tourteau crabs and shrimps from the Atlantic coast, aromatic herbs and vegetables from the Halles Mandar, Alain Milliat fruit and vegetable juices, lots of charcuterie recommendations and cheeses from different French terroirs.

Jérôme Ferrer, one of Gourming Canada’s sponsors

This assortment of produce greatly pleased the many chefs, caterers, grocers and pastry chefs that attended the celebration. Jérôme Ferrer, who has just re-opened the Européa in Montreal and is a member of Les Grandes Tables du Monde, attended and reaffirmed his support for Gourming. “I was impressed right from the start because it’s a culinary one-stop shop.” As the son of an artisan winegrower in the South of France, I worked with regional produce a lot. I still do that today but in winter that gets difficult. Gourming enables me to access food that’s come from the sea and the land – and these are products from the France that I know and love, rather than products from California which are of less interest to me.”

“Get hold fruit and vegetables all year round”

This is an opinion shared by Alexandre Fortin, one of Gourming Canada’s ambassadors who runs the kitchen at Trois Tilleuls in Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu. “My cooking style is bistronomy, created using products such as butter and cream. You don’t turn your back on where you came from! Gourming provides a way to get hold of fruit and vegetables all year round because, here in Quebec, it gets really difficult to find everything, particularly in the long winter months.”

A wide range of produce from the sea available

René Marchand is a fishmonger’s in the Saint-Lambert de Montréal area which has just celebrated its 50th birthday. Tobby Marchand attended the event and was delighted to find particular types of shellfish from French waters. “Blue lobster is not a product that is well-known around here and there’s great demand for it when it’s in season. They catch thousands of pounds of them, so I’m intrigued to know what they taste like!”

Get access to new products with Gourming

Gourming’s main strength is its ability to access fresh, high quality produce on a weekly basis, thanks to a well-established logistics process. It is the ease of provision as well as the diversity on offer that Montreal fish and seafood distributor, La Mer, finds so appealing. “We decided to work with Gourming because the team came to Montreal and offered us produce that we didn’t necessarily have access to, especially items like fine claire oysters, special ones that are very much sought after by our French friends over here. We gradually realised that our Quebec friends and all of our customers were interested in these products too, so we’ve carried it on. And we like discovering new things such as abalone sea snails or brown shrimp which are unheard of here.

The Gourming App available in Canada soon

This first birthday also saw Gourming pre-launch its mobile app which makes ordering easier. The new tool was exclusively introduced at Sirha in January 2019. It enables any professional to get a quote or place an order for a wide range of food and non-food products in the Gourming catalogue – and all with just a few clicks. For the past few months the company has been providing a concierge service: using an automated instant messaging service, food professionals can already ask Gourming to supply very specific products.

Please note: Gourming is looking for testers to improve app functionality. Get in touch with the team at

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